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The founders of South African Galvanizing Services (SAGS) established the company in 2001 after identifying a need among local galvanizers for world-class, practical and cost-effective solutions to the many challenges they faced.

SAGS has both mechanical and metallurgical experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience in all spheres of the galvanizing industry: plant design, engineering, process chemistry, and metallurgy. Expertise also extends to plant operations, efficiencies and management techniques.

SAGS is your local contact for import and supply of leading international brands such as Pilling, Koerner and Shree Tech.

SAGS was founded by Riaan Louw and Johan du Plessis with more than 20 years experience in the hot dip galvanizing industry. Riaan Louw has subsequently left the company and is now Managing Director and owner of Monoweld Galvanizers.

Johan has been involved in the design, project management and erection of galvanizing plants locally and abroad. His experience includes operational management of galvanizing plants, which gives them the edge in understanding customer needs and challenges encountered in the day-to-day running of a plant.

Johan du Plessis is a Mechanical engineer with exceptional knowledge of heating systems and plant design. He has been involved in the design and re-design of heating systems for most galvanizing plants in South Africa, which have contributed to significant power savings for the galvanizer.

Johan has completed many kettle failure investigations as well as independent reports for galvanizers and their customers regarding quality issues typically encountered with hot dip galvanizing. SAGS also specializes in specific process training for hot dip galvanizers and runs an independent laboratory testing facility for process chemicals.

Please feel free to contact Johan should you need independent and practical advice or solutions.